Women’s Empowerment Livelihood Link (WELL)

These are hard working women, small business entrepreneurs.They are in one of the worst slum areas of Jinja – a patch of land where they are squatters and the government keeps threatening to tear down all the houses, which are really just shacks made of scrap wood and plastic. These ladies are trying to produce anything they can trade for food or money to put their children through school and feed them. These are their biggest worries. Many of them have AIDS some are single parents or work to support the family low income.

Blythe, a volunteer worker with the Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund (based in NYC) has been working with these women since February 2016 to help them to get resources to produce more paper and seeds necklaces and with the money she gets from the necklaces sale, she will build a website where these objects can be sold to a wider range of people, and this represents Hope to these women in Uganda. Molly, the lady who first created them, is already training other women, as the demand increases. They dream to be able to put their children through school and change their destiny.

Instituto Kaleo
There is Hope, Malawi
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