MEET: Jesus and Eunice

Our Volunteers of the Month are kind- hearted Australians who loves to serve

It is not hard to spot Jesus and Eunice at a SEEDS workshop. With their big smiles and wisdom, they gracefully forward our lifestyle movement.
Jesus and Eunice have volunteered with SEEDS since 2017. As facilitators and Certified Lifestyle Medicine trainers for CHIP and Living Better, they add a tremendous value to the team.

Jesus and Eunice will extend the SEEDS Wellness workshops to Tamsworth, NSW, where Eunice will practice as a specialized nurse. Eunice will continue to serve on the SEEDS board and act as the wellness programs coordinator.

Jesus and Eunice bring a positive energy and competence to our programs. They have a contagious passion for getting people to experience lifestyle transformation and optimal health.

We thank Jesus and Eunice for all that they are!

Our SEEDS team is lucky to work with this inspiring couple.

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