Healthy habits during festive season

Editor’s note: This is a story from Michelle Barnes, a qualified nutritionist and wellness coach currently consulting at Atune health Centre and loves empowering her clients to make balanced lifestyle choices to support their health and wellbeing.

Feeling a little overwhelmed with the lead up to the silly season? Have you made positive changes to your health in the past few months and worried that its all going to go belly up with the lead up to holidays? Don’t fear because you are not alone, hence why so many people decide their new years eve resolution centres around getting fit, loosing weight and eating better!

So how do you embrace a bit of indulgence while keeping on track with your health this season? After all life is about balance which is what I emphasise to my clients almost every consultation!

Read on to learn about my top 5 tips on how to ensure your wellness goals stay on track over the next few months.

1. Healthy mindset, healthy body

If you are someone who does things either 100% or nothing, its time to move away from this pattern which can really set you up for fail. Enjoy that piece of chocolate cake, glass of wine or cheese and biscuits. Try and avoid labelling food as good, bad or cheat foods which places negative associations with these foods. Also remove any judgement you make towards yourself.

A good way to stay on track is to segment your day rather than falling in the trap of eating one unhealthy meal and then giving up and saying ‘Oh well, I’ve ruined my healthy eating, I will start again next Monday” Say ok, I’ve eaten an unhealthy meal for lunch, lets get back on track for my afternoon snack and dinner etc.


2. Eat before you join the party

Never turn up to an event starving, this is a recipe for disaster (pardon the pun). Firstly, you are going to overindulge- usually loading up on carbs. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach enters your blood stream and intensify the effects of the alcohol.

Eating foods high in protein and good fats throughout the day before your event will fill your body with the right kind of fuel and allow you to enjoy the moment without salivating and going silly at the platter plates.


3. Consistency is the key

Your routine will probably change and that’s ok! Try and think ahead as much as possible. The more accessibility you have to delicious, nourishing food, the less likely you are to skip meals or opt for takeaway during the busiest time of the year.

Don’t rely on your will power, but rely on consistency of good habits.

The best way to keep on track when things are a little out of routine is to try and stay as organised as possible.

Meal prepping for the week is the key- even if this means ordering meals kits from a service like Hello Fresh or Dinerly. Cook in bulk so you can enjoy left overs throughout the week and rotate the same meals over 2 weeks so you are familiar with recipes but don’t get bored with the same meal every other night.


4. Take care of your mental health

Taking care of numero uno is top priority. Holidays can be a festive and enjoyable season for many of us but the lead up can cause anxiety, stress and even loneliness. Keep your mental health in check by eating right and exercising. Mindful exercises such as yoga/meditation can help reduce anxiety and stress can boost your mental wellbeing. Remember you are what you eat, so eating mindfully and choosing foods to help nourish your mind such as seeds, nuts & fresh seasonal fruit & vegetables will contribute to keeping you cool as a cucumber this season.


5. Keep your body moving

If you are struggling to keep up your normal exercise routine throughout this period, don’t give up completely. As Michelle Segar writes in her book “No sweat” Any type of incidental movement can be counted towards your exercise routine. Park a little further away from your workplace so you can walk to your office. Go twice around the block instead of once after your evening meal- no excuse now while we have so much light in the evenings! Don’t be discouraged because your exercise routine is out of kilter this season. Embrace all types of movement and do exercise that you love.


At the end of the day, go with the flow and enjoy yourself, don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall of the wagon this Christmas. Know there is always time to reinstate your healthy habits in the new year no matter how far you think you have fallen down the rabbit hole 😊

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