Food for Thought March

Wasn’t February a fabulous month?

Being part of The SEEDS Cycling Team was one of the most spectacular moments for me. As part 0f the Great Ocean Road Challenge, we cycled 300km in 3 days, raising over $ 86,000 for poverty- stricken children. The hours of training, generous sponsors, and brilliant organisers all reminded me of the timeless maxim: we are given to give.

On my refrigerator, I have a small chalkboard with the words ‘happiness is only real when shared’ scrawled across it. It reminds me of what’s most important in life– to pass on our presents, share our surplus, and invest our passions, dreams, resources, and talents into sustainable community growth.

Whether it’s by cycling with us in the Lakeside Loop, or sending a Get Well Soon card to a sick friend, GROW today by LIFTing others!

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